The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)

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It was quite clear that Reg was dying. What on earth does that mean? What about the house?

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After all these years, is it worth anything? Then he brightened up. Your cousins chose one of the nicest pieces of property in the whole county. Today, that land is worth a small fortune. I can help you get through all that.

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A number of new subdivisions had sprung up outside of town. The old place was three stories high. And it certainly was shabby! The paint was peeling, and a few bricks had fallen off the chimney. The roof looked like it needed repairs, too. Jill pulled her suitcase from the trunk.

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She had just reached the front door when it suddenly opened. A smiling 10 young woman stood in the doorway. Is it really you? She helped me get a scholarship to go to nursing school. When I graduated, I came right back to be with her. She took a deep breath. Is it a Vietnamese dish? What about you? She glanced wistfully around the room. But that would take a lot of money. Jill frowned. Over the years, Aggie spent a lot of time hunting for it. She examined every piece of furniture. She pulled up some bricks from the hearth in the living room.

She even tore down some of the wallpaper!

Jill jumped up to help her. This old place is really beautiful. But whoever buys it will have to tear it down. Oh, Jill— the house is haunted! But when we opened the door, no one was there. It really scares me. Is there anything else? Anything else? And no one could have gotten upstairs without being seen. She was certain he was trying to tell her where the treasure was. When Trinh answered, Jill noticed that her voice was tense.

She really wants to buy this place.

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Jill saw how much furniture and artwork Aggie had sold. Some rooms were nearly empty—and the walls were almost completely bare. Then the two women laughed. Trinh frowned. Jill shrugged. As she switched on the bedside lamp, she heard a light tapping on her door. Her friend sounded frightened. The door opened and Trinh scurried into the room.

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When they reached the living room, Jill opened the door cautiously. She flicked the wall switch and the ceiling light came on.

In its bright glow, they could see that 18 the room was empty. Now Jill had to wonder if Trinh had been dreaming of the ghostly voices all along. R ight after breakfast the next morning, Jill decided to make a list of repairs. It was too nice a day to work inside. Jill carried her notepad and pencil outdoors. She gazed up at the front of the house. Right away she noticed that some of the wood on the windowsills was rotting away. Damp rot? Jill sighed as she made notes. As she turned the corner, she bumped into a red-headed woman carrying a big briefcase.

Startled, Jill gave a small cry of surprise.

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Got to run now! What nerve! Why was a real estate agent sneaking around the property? After the real estate agent left, Jill continued to work on her list. Noticing more loose bricks on the chimney, she pulled a couple of them free. There was a hollow compartment hidden in the chimney!

Jill reached in and pulled out a small tape recorder. She hurried to the kitchen, where Trinh was kneading bread dough, and pressed the play button. Then she and Trinh went 20 into the living room and carefully examined every inch of the fireplace and hearth. I bet it leads to a hidden speaker. Then she told Trinh about running into Sheila Rubin. Could any real estate agent be that determined to get what she wanted?

That night, soon after she fell asleep, Jill was awakened by a cry. She ran into the hall and saw smoke coming from an empty bedroom! Good starter story for my high school reading intervention at the start of the year. December 11, - Published on Amazon. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more. Back to top. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping.

Hurricane Andrew first inflicted structural damage as it moved through the Bahamas, especially in Cat Cays , lashing the islands with storm surge , hurricane-force winds , and tornadoes. About houses were destroyed in the archipelago, and there was substantial damage to the transport, water, sanitation, agriculture, and fishing sectors. As many as 1. Rainfall in Florida was substantial, peaking at It produced hurricane-force winds along its path through Louisiana, damaging large stretches of power lines that left about , people without electricity. Throughout the basin and Bayou Lafourche , million freshwater fish were killed in the hurricane.

Andrew spawned at least 28 tornadoes along the Gulf Coast, especially in Alabama , Georgia , and Mississippi. It is currently the seventh-costliest Atlantic hurricane to hit the United States, behind only Katrina , Ike , Sandy , Harvey , Irma , and Maria , as well as the eighth-costliest Atlantic hurricane, behind the aforementioned systems and Wilma It is the third-strongest hurricane to hit the U.

The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2) The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)
The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2) The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)
The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2) The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)
The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2) The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)
The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2) The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)
The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2) The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)
The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2) The Eye of the Hurricane (Quickreads Series 2)

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