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Bower directed McKinsey employees to put client interests ahead of firm interests, serve the client in a superior manner, adhere to high ethical standards, preserve the confidence of clients, and be ready to differ with client managers and tell them the truth, however painful. Over time, Bower also began directing his recruiting efforts toward graduate students the firm could mold into broad—based consultants, instead of experts who had built up years of experience in a single industry.

Another tradition set by Bower was a reticence to discuss financial matters openly, which persists to this day. Ensuring that this decorum regarding all things financial would stick for the long haul, Bower declined Visit the Vault Consulting Career Channel at www. Future partners have continued this practice. Bower shaped McKinsey culture in other, more subtle ways.

Like many of its peers, McKinsey really took off during the postwar period, when companies turned their attention to expanding profits. The s saw McKinsey adding an expanding number of bluechip companies to its clientele, as well as adding engagements with major government and military organizations, defense contractors. In , the firm went international with an office in London, and opened offices in Melbourne, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris, Zurich and Milan shortly thereafter.

The program was soon to become a norm across the industry, as well as among others like investment banks. The firm righted itself later in the s as the global economy began booming again, and the s were a success story. To date, the revenue has more than doubled since , and the firm doubled its professional staff and opened a total of 20 offices in the s. Its consultants are citizens of 95 countries. The firm has solidified its Asian presence in recent years, conducting more than engagements in China over the last decade.

In March , McKinsey opened a new office in Tel Aviv, from which it has offered assistance to Israeli corporations, startups and government entities such as the Ministry of Communications and the Postal Authority. In February , McKinsey enhanced its presence in India with the launch of India Venture , which was created to help Indian entrepreneurs establish and grow new IT or e—commerce businesses. Offshore from were to where?

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Many Indian consultants have graduated McKinsey to lead major corporations and projects of their own ex—director Ashok Alexander went on to head the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in India, and fellow alumnus Pulak Prasad is a leader at Warburg Pincus, to name just a couple. Along with its consulting peers, McKinsey took a hit from the dot—com bubble and the effects of September The firm was somewhat shielded when the bubble burst as it had limited the practice of accepting equity stakes from clients in lieu of start—up fees, a common practice among competitors.

But McKinsey still suffered when it was stuck with some of these worthless shares, and income from many previously high—flying e—commerce clients quickly dried up.

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Jumping ship. One year later, though, McKinsey had more employees than it knew what to do with. Out of the 3, MBAs who were extended offers in , McKinsey expected 2, acceptances, but the firm received more than 2, The post—September 11 recession led to some belt tightening among non—consulting McKinseyites; in November , the firm announced that it would cut 5 to 7 percent of its 3, support staff in the United States and Canada.

UAL dismissed the concerns and retained McKinsey. To make matters worse, the firm touted the Enron model as a success story after Skilling left to head the corporation. As it transpired, the transactions and services on which Enron grew its numbers were largely illusory, the result of exchanges between Enron subsidiaries.

When the model could no longer sustain itself and the word got out, Enron collapsed, taking much of the stock market with it. However, an internal report from , quoted in a May Wall Street Journal article, shows this thorough approach to be a possible weakness. At no point over the last decade has McKinsey ever been anything but the best consulting firm in delivering business knowledge to clients.

Its staff roster of PhDs and Rhodes scholars is also closely guarded, though some personalities are too well—known to keep under wraps. These professionals do research on topics related to specific client engagements, allowing consultants to focus on the client proprietary dimensions of a study. Recent enhancements include new search technology applied across its vast document collection and a unique expertise location approach that enables consultants to identify colleagues from around the world who might be able to help them with a specific problem.

Indeed, this group may be tapped at any point during their careers, even after leaving the firm. Like the Hotel California, McKinsey is a place from which alumni can check out any time they like, but they can never leave. The firm publishes a volume listing every living person who has ever worked for the firm, where they live, and their current occupation. This alumni network is likely to become ever more far reaching—the firm currently employs 6, consultants from 90 countries. McKinsey alumni, as previously noted, have often left the firm to take on more visibly prestigious roles — in addition to the infamous Jeff Skilling, more successful careers have been forged by alumni such as Bruce Henderson, a former McKinseyite who was named CEO of Imation Corp.

The complex web of current and former McKinseyites forms a unique decentralized structure for such a large corporation. In fact, the firm is reluctant to admit it has a global headquarters at all though it runs much of its backbone administrative work from New York City. The ownership and management of the firm is vested entirely in about active directors and principals which roughly correspond to senior and junior partners.

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Davis, a holder of undergraduate degrees in policy, philosophy and economics from Oxford University, has been with McKinsey since In June , the company held a special day of workshops to discuss the core values of the firm and commitments to serving clients. In the kerfuffle, I think some of them got lost. Now that the economy is on the rebound, so are invitations to join McKinsey.

In the — campus recruiting season, the firm hired over 1, consultants, about a 60 percent increase over the previous year.

In addition, McKinsey has hired several hundred summer associates — graduate students who are going into their last year of school. On average, only one in four or five consultants who starts at McKinsey finishes the vaunted journey to principal. VOX visibility, options, expression of preference , a system implemented in early , gives consultants greater influence over the engagements they work on.

McKinsey is also eager to get even more out of the best and brightest that it hires. For incoming associate hires without a financial or business background, the firm offers the Mini MBA, a three—week program that provides an opportunity to learn core business skills. In addition, all associates and business analysts attend Basic Consulting Readiness, a curriculum that prepares them for client engagements. In addition, one— to two—week role—change courses are provided at each career milestone.

McKinsey also provides an array of workshops and learning opportunities in a range of topics, including communications, functional skills, coaching and team leadership, and negotiating skills. Publish or perish McKinsey has built a solid reputation as a publisher of management—related booklets, documents, papers and magazines, including the well—regarded McKinsey Quarterly.

McKinsey partners also often write books independently of the firm. The McKinsey Quarterly, now available in an online version, has more than , subscribers and runs articles on e—commerce, telecommunications, strategy and other fields. McKinsey also analyzes its own business approach, hoping to understand the difference between change that is fundamental and change that is fundamentally faddish.

Thanks in part to the vast amounts of research produced by the firm, McKinsey is known as a preeminent information source on globalization, governance, organizational performance and corporate strategy. The McKinsey Global Institute MGI , established in , operates as an independent economics think tank within McKinsey, conducting research and developing positions on issues affecting businesses and governments worldwide.

McKinsey & Company

Through its research, MGI has amassed a fact base that covers more than 15 countries, four continents and more than 28 sectors. Located just steps from the White House in Washington, D. Reports released in include a study of multinational company investment in developing economies; an analysis of the benefits and impact of offshoring worldwide; and reports on improving productivity and competitiveness in Europe. Going nonprofit. These clients include museums, theaters operas, festivals, multinational NGOs and development agencies, philanthropic organizations, schools, conservation organizations, land trusts, zoos and more.

The office helps companies implement IT strategies, improve their operations, strengthen the value of their customer relationships and craft innovative approaches to IT architecture and IT management in areas such as post—merger integration, prioritization of IT investments and strengthening of the IT organization. The strategy seemed to pay off — the number of consultants in the BTO grew by 30 percent in In May , the firm took on the role of investment advisor for the privatization of the oil group Unipetrol in the Czech Republic.

In July , the firm issued a report on the use of the English language in South Korea.

Also in , McKinsey began conducting a comprehensive analysis of the global coffee industry on a pro bono basis, in addition to advising the Colombian Coffee Federation on a new retail strategy. In May , the firm was tapped by the Confederation of Indian Industry to study and suggest changes to the laws governing mining operations in India.

Secretary—General Koffi Annan had proposed five years earlier the compact, aimed at summoning corporate responsibility for issues such as human rights, labor, and the environment in developing nations, is working, the report concluded. Our robust commitment to Diversity and Inclusion has brought significant external recognition across all our markets. Diversity Company recognition.

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    Some major employers provide rotational MBA hiring programs for new business school graduates that provide just this opportunity. MBAs who join rotational programs are hired into a specific function such as finance or marketing, but then can rotate through different specialties within the broader function for example, treasury vs.

    Rotations also allow for new MBA hires to gain experience with different business units at a large organization.

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    The program consists of two one-year rotations. Now finishing up his second rotation, he spoke with Vault about why he chose a rotational program and his experience with it. Vault: Tell me a little bit about your pre-business school background. I spent four years doing marketing in Chile, in a variety of industries and functions within marketing. Vault: Did you want to do a career change from marketing when you went to get your MBA? Sercovich: Overall the idea of doing the MBA was the opportunity to expand my skill set and move on to a more general management-oriented career path.

    The program gives you the opportunity to go ahead and do these kinds of things. Sercovich: I was actually first a summer associate during the summer between my first and second years of business school. I was in the e-business department, working with the strategic alliances team with various partners on different cross-sell initiatives. At the end of the summer, at the end of my performance evaluation I was offered a position in the MA Program, which I happily accepted. You meet with different managers and network.

    Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile) Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile)
    Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile) Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile)
    Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile) Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile)
    Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile) Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile)
    Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile) Mercer Management Consulting 2003 (Vault Employer Profile)

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