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Take THAT, possible romantic subplot! And since Queen Sabriel and King Touchstone are nowhere to be found, it looks as though averting the end of the world must fall entirely to this ill-prepared duo and their furry familiars. But readers are given occasional scenes from the POV of the semi-possessed Nick, and a bit from the king and queen. The somewhat reluctant character growth we began to see in the last book is accelerated. Both Lireal and Sam are pushed into showing competence in their newly acquired skills, while discovering how their roles in this end game are actually complemented by the more innate abilities which they had previously assumed useless.

There is also, thankfully, far less whining going on between the two of them. It may be as you already suspect thanks to some adequate foreshadowing amid the worldbuilding of book 2 , but that aspect will not be left unanswered. He has a part to play, to be sure… but that part often feels like a handy afterthought. Overall though, this was a solid read. And an above-par bookend literally to this medium-fantasy series.

Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? An excellent addition to the series begun with Sabriel. January 13, I didnt read my advance copy of Garth Nixs Abhorsen right away, as I received it in the middle of the holiday season. I had too many things to do and presents to buy, but it burned constantly in the back of my mind. I finally made time to read it in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I couldnt have given a better present to myself.

The Abhorsen is a fitting continuation of the series started with Sabriel and a very nice follow-up to Lirael. If youve read my previous reviews, you know how much I enjoyed those two books. Ill even reiterate here one of my main points from those previous books: Garth Nix is, in my mind, one of the best YA fantasy authors out there today.

He tries to break new ground, rather than treading the same old path, and it shows.

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The Abhorsen continues the story begun in Lirael. While Sabriel was the first book in the series, the latter two really tell the story of Lirael, the half-sister of Sabriel, and Sameth, Sabriels son. The story picks up pretty much exactly where Lirael left off, which will leave newcomers to the story a little dumbfounded and confused. My best advice to them is to read the other booksthey wont regret it anyway!

Lirael and Sameth must complete an epic journey, face many dangers, and come up against their greatest fears. While that sounds very much like a lot of other fantasy novels out there, Garth Nixs expansive and believable world of dark magic and necromancy saves it from becoming just another hero story. The intricate history of this world and the intertwined lives of the main characters will hold you spellbound, as if caught in the hold of Ranna, the sleep bringer and the smallest of the Abhorsens powerful bells.

Lirael (Abhorsen, #2) by Garth Nix – narfna Book Review – Cannonball Read 11

Fans of epic fantasy will enjoy all of these books, but are well advised to begin at the beginning before picking up this latest entry. Fans of this series will be overjoyed by the latest entry and they will finally learn the truth behind the disreputable dog and find some joy in Moggets true form. Kimberly Pauley Top 10 Reviewer reviews. User reviews. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account.

Sad that this trilogy has to end November 24, Lirael definitely prepared us very well for this story, because since we had the preparation for Abhorsen during Lirael, in Abhorsen we can plunge straight into the action. Lirael has accepted her fate as the Abhorsen in Waiting. She has thrown away her previous dreams of being a Clayr, and is now ready to take on her title as Abhorsen.

Sameth, on the other hand, will never be an Abhorsen or anything like it. He is destined to be a Wallmaker, a creator.

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There is a big problem. Nicholas Sayre, Sameth's friend, has been sort-of possessed by a fragment of a thing called the Destroyer. He is taken by a single-minded determination to join these two hemispheres of metal, even though he doesn't know what they are. Obviously, Lirael and Sameth have to stop it. The setting growth was amazing.

Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr (Abhorsen Series #2)

Garth Nix has very successfully built and expanded on the world we were introduced to in Sabriel. I love Death because it is dangerous and unpredictable, and we were discovering it with Lirael. It was unknown to her to, which made her notice everything there, and made the reader picture it better.

I especially loved the Ninth Gate, it sounds simply I loved the final battle. Wow again. I stayed up so late to finish it. I actually cried over her. Mogget too, although I only came close to tears then, I didn't actually cry over him like I did for the Dog. That's how you end? What happened to them! You can't just end the series with the Disreputable Dog wandering off, basically never to be seen again.

I am so sad over that dog. Definitely recommended!!!

Lirael (Abhorsen #2) by Garth Nix

Louisa Top 50 Reviewer reviews. The Destroyer is Destroyed! December 02, Or even Lirael? Then you don't want to miss Abhorsen, the stunning conclusion to Lirael by Garth Nix. In this stunning novel we get to know a little more okay, a LOT more about the Seven Bright Shiners, and how they live on. We also fing out who Mogget really is.

Then you don't want to miss Abhorsen!!!! Amazing Conclusion to The Abhorsen Trilogy. July 04, With only a vision from the Clayr to guid e her, and the help of her companions, Sam, the Disreputable Dog, and Mogget, Lirael must search in both Life and Death for some means to defeat the evil destructor - before it is too late June 02, Reader reviewed by Arly this is a great story. It is really well-written. Nix is a great writer. Its a classic story told in a fresh new way.

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It's been fun watching Lirael grow and mature from the sorta meek girl she was to the powerful, more self-assured woman she is. Her interactions with Dog and Sam add just the right touch.

Of couse her powers are cool too. February 19, Reader reviewed by Kody Boye The ending of the three book trilogy is truely a wonderful ending, making it both a powerful book of the millenia and years to come. Good, but Sabriel is better February 17, Reader reviewed by Katya This is most definitely a novel written to conclude a trilogy, and it works well as that. It is not, however, the sort of book which you could pick up and read on its own. Well, I guess you could, but it would probably leave you pretty confused.

It's a suitable ending to the series; all the knots are tied off, Sabriel and Touchstone feature something I missed in 'Lirael' and Lirael finds out exactly why she was never chosen to be a true Clayr. It's just not as good as 'Sabriel' - possibly because, as sadly often happens with book sequences, by the time the conclusion is out, your enthusiasm has waned rather. If you can, read 'Sabriel' and 'Lireal' first - re-read them if you've read them once. Trust me, you'll get far more out of the novel.

Greatly Written. January 14, Reader reviewed by Kody Boye Abhorsen, the final book in the old kingdom trilogy was excellent, continuing Sam and liraels tale. The events in it were greatly described and I could perfectly picture them in my mind as I was reading. It saddened me that this was the final book, but I know that I will always be able to read it again if I want to. An excitng book that reads really fast December 19, Reader reviewed by Saba Abhorsen, the brilliant conclusion of the "Old Kingdom Trilogy", basically sums up the events that take place as Lirael and Sameth leave the Abhorsen's House.

Desparate to defy the Dead note capital letter who have reawakened against nature's laws, Lirael and Sameth travel down to Ancelstirre in hope to find Sameth's friend Nicholas, gone missing, and to capture and bind into death the necromancer and sorcerer Hedge, who is awakening the Dead. However, that is not all they have to confront. With a sudden discovery about a ninth Great Spirit, somehow linked with Sameth's frind Nichloas, things may as well be written in a death book And what of Sabriel? A Fitting End to a Seminal Trilogy.

Garth Nix Discusses Clariel

July 19, View all 21 comments. But Lirael has never received the Sight. Hiding out in the library to avoid speaking to anyone, her isolation from the Clayr is palpable and you really feel for her. But he is terrified - after a hairy situation facing a Necromancer in Death, Sam can think of nothing worse than a life fighting the creatures of the dead. This leads to many adventures and some serious twists at the end! The writing is witty, action packed and magical! View all 30 comments.

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View all 3 comments. When I started this, I was way excited The first section was great. We meet Lirael, who is a loner and has trouble being around other people and communicating. She is a Daughter of the Clayr, but doesn't have the power of sight, she is an outcast.

Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2) Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2)
Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2) Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2)
Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2) Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2)
Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2) Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2)
Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2) Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2)
Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2) Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2)
Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2) Lirael (Abhorsen, Book 2)

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