Italian Medium Tanks in Action

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The tank battle erupts at yards when, for some unknown reason, Lt. The composite regiment is left with only four battle worthy tanks, down to one towing another the next day. Later, they were joined by two more tanks from a separate leaguer. Following the Battle of Totensonntag, over the next several days, the British began receiving replacements from a reserve of about two-hundred tanks. By November 27th the 22nd Armd. African Brigade, tanks of the 4th Armoured Brigade then advance north. The Gazala battles and the Cauldron Unfortunately, for the beginning and middle of the Gazala Battles, including the Cauldron, the British war diaries cease.

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The war diaries of Individual British units are unavailable online, or missing altogether. Actually, the battle in question occurred between Bir Hacheim and Knightsbridge, on the 10th of June Lined up abreast thirty Grants and ten Stuarts, from both the 6th and 1st RTR, launched an attack on a position held by the Ariete.

On the British right, 6RTR came under fire from some tanks and truck mounted guns, while on the left 1RTR , a tank attack was reported at Later that night, tanks from the 15 and 21 PZ. Ten tanks were overwhelmed by a large number of Italian tanks and destroyed, minus a single Grant which managed to escape. Buxton and his crew were captured and remained prisoner until they managed to escape the following day. The war diaries of the 3CLY report Capt.

It is possible the single frantic Grant believed German tanks must have done the damage, but Capt. Buxton was captured and remained in the area, making him a far more reliable witness. July 15th was the day the New Zealand Div. The 15th Pz. British tank losses. Div had ten tanks left, the 21st Pz.

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Div only fourteen and The Littorio Armour Div. The rest of Ariete was destroyed the next day after clashing with the 7th Armour Division. We are going to fight until the final destruction of our last tank.

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Viva Italia! Two Cruisers are reported lost from artillery and anti tank fire.

One Stuart is lost by AT fire. During the first assault, Benson Force loses five M3 Lees to mines and enemy fire. This area possibly matches Monte Morotta. They reach Favarotta and a four hour battle ensues. On the 12th, two more Shermans are lost outside Canicatti.

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Although there are plenty of other tank battles, especially during the Gazala period, these are the tank battles that are available and accessible online. The compilation will always be incomplete.

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Carro Armato M13/40 - Italian Medium Tank

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Italian Medium Tanks in Action Italian Medium Tanks in Action
Italian Medium Tanks in Action Italian Medium Tanks in Action
Italian Medium Tanks in Action Italian Medium Tanks in Action
Italian Medium Tanks in Action Italian Medium Tanks in Action
Italian Medium Tanks in Action Italian Medium Tanks in Action
Italian Medium Tanks in Action Italian Medium Tanks in Action
Italian Medium Tanks in Action Italian Medium Tanks in Action

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