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The Impostor Syndrome

IMPOSTOR | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Impostor is a Latin loanword. It was first used in English in the 16th century and exists today unchanged from its original spelling. What does imposter mean? Imposter is an alternative spelling of the same noun.

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Impostor is the proper spelling of this word, but imposter has also appeared frequently for several centuries. The chart below shows the relative use of imposter vs.

As you can see, both forms of the word have been part of English since at least Though imposter has maintained a steady presence in English for at least two centuries, impostor has always been used more frequently and most modern style guides prescribe this spelling alone. For example, The AP Stylebook lists the word to be spelled impostor. Similarly, both sides of the Atlantic seem to agree on this spelling, as impostor is the more common spelling in both American and British English.

The above charts graph impostor vs. Though these variants are equivalent in meaning, impostor is the proper version. It also appears more frequently in English books, so it will be more familiar to readers. Since impostor ends in -or , like related nouns actor and impersonator , you should easily remember to spell all of these words with the -or ending. And the more knowledgeable you are in data science, the more likely you are to be aware of that.

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Companies hire people for what they can do. If you can, then you should define your identity as a data scientist with respect to that thing.

You can always define your way out of impostor syndrome by taking a realistic view of the role you expect yourself to play. Maybe you are an impostor.

The Impostor Keeps You Small

Being good at data science is hard, and the bar is rising every year. If you want to chat, feel free to connect with me on Twitter. Sign in.

Get started. How to manage impostor syndrome in data science. Jeremie Harris Follow.

Towards Data Science Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes. Towards Data Science Follow. Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes. See responses 7.

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