Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)

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Text: A short story or dialogue in Chinese characters. Grammar explanations: In both Chinese and English, provide example sentences of the grammar usage. Completions: These give incomplete sentences andirequire you to fill in the grammatically correct words or combinations from the vocabulary list.

Elementary Chinese Readers Vol. 4 by Li Peiyan and Ren Yuan (2004, Hardcover, Revised)

Read aloud and retell: These give Chinese texts which require extraction: of the overall meaning in such a way that you can convey it to someone else in English or Chinese. Questions on the text: These measure your understanding of the lesson's text end your ability to use the information presented in conversation. A last note on getting help in understanding the text for those of you who do not have an instructor: Discuss your difficulty with the other Linguists in your work area, frequently a group discussion can arrive at a solution.

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Elementary Chinese Reader 1

That might be an issue. Unless you want to revive your grandmas stereo player. Bottom line: This four-volume monstrosity is incredibly thorough, well presented and ideal for self-study. The character guide is impeccable, detailing stroke order and this textbook even comes complete with extra writing paper to practice your handwriting.

Well worth your money. We really like it.

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Head over to Amazon to read their reviews and pick yourself up a copy. Pros: Pictures, phrases, grammar, vocabulary, characters, audio CD, and more.

Everything inside this book is pure, pretty gold. They only teach you the useful day-to-day language you need to know in China.

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My new favorite!! But, there is something missing.. Cons: Where on earth are the Chinese characters in this book? Bottom line: This book is created for super beginners. Read reviews on Amazon from genuine students like you!

Pros: Simple everyday language for beginners. Perfect to slip in your bag and use when speaking with locals in the market, asking for directions or brushing up on your Chinese culture. Cons: The audio comes on a CD.

My First Chinese Reader Vol 4 Curriculum for Elementary School

Easy to digest chapters, bright colors, and audio, albeit it on a CD. Thumbs up from us! Need a second opinion? Amazon likes it too. Check out their genuine reviews. Pros: The sections cover a good base of daily language scenarios. Extended vocabulary sections help build on language quickly and effectively. Bottom line: Audio CD, Chinese culture, extended vocabulary — this is a good reference book.

Read more reviews on Amazon! The design and culture aspects are supported by a cohesive learning system to enhance your Chinese listening, reading and speaking skills. Opening it gives me the sadz. And as I do not like having the sadz, I decided it was time for a refresh. Plus, I keep opening these emails from you guys demanding more, more, more posts. On the other hand, I kind of love that CRP is a free resource for casual learners.

My favorite thing about the internet is that it represents so much collective good will. Look at Wikipedia, right? Most of the contributors to Wikipedia are volunteers. They use their mental downtime — their cognitive surplus — to edit articles about like, the lifecycle of jellyfish and the population of Singapore. They get nothing tangible out of this, so why do they do it?

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What is the root of that compulsion? I have some pretty strong feelings about how important it is that we use some of our cognitive surplus to help educate each other. The new CRP shall feature a new free post every darn week for you Sunday-morning-over-coffee readers.

Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV) Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)
Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV) Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)
Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV) Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)
Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV) Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)
Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV) Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)
Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV) Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)
Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV) Elementary Chinese Readers (Volume IV)

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