E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design

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It is used to extract the pixel clusters with a similar intensity level of grey. This tool is used in computer vision applications such as mammography for the cancer risk analysis and breast cancer where the less representative pixels are precisely the most interesting because they represent a variation with respect to healthy tissue. The important feature of the proposed ASCA algorithm is automatic extraction of clusters.

Use cases: Possible applications of Swarm Intelligence may be limited only by imagination.

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The most impressive usage are probably the immense battle sequences in the trilogy Lord of the Rings where about , individual fighters. For making this possible a new software was written named MASSIVE which controls this mass of agent technology-equipped computer actors and their states. Distributed Perceptive Networks - These are the examples of emergence of intelligence and artificial swarm intelligence in artificial complex systems. A system comprising hundreds or thousands of motes linked by radio transceivers and sensors can spontaneously emerge as a perceptive network and a mote is a micromachine which is the unit of SmartDust , each unit installed with TinyOS.

Multi-hop networking approach is followed and as a result, parallelism is achieved so that if a particular mote stops functioning, there is enough redundancy and parallelism in the network that other motes reconfigure the connectivity to bypass that mote. The technology of placing the brain, the sensors, and the actuators of an artificial intelligent structure in differnt locations known as Pervasive Computing. Micro-satellite Swarm: Bluetronix is looking to develop control packages and communications suites founded upon swarm intelligence algorithms enabling collaboration of micro-satellite swarms, tasking of individuals, and fuzzy system identification for adaptive sensor fusion dictating rule based commands.

Individual satellites, each equipped with their own rule-based controller, will perform assigned sub-tasks based on their own directives. This design could be easily integrated on a wide variety of mobile platforms including satellites, Earth Science sensor networks, ground stations, and small aircraft, all connected in an ad-hoc fashion.

These networks are decentralized with the ability to scale to s to thousands of connections. They also self-learn and organize as they operate and adapt as new and old nodes enter and exit the network under dynamic conditions.

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Once installed, the REGEN controllers work together like a swarm of bees, intelligently communicate and manage the duty cycles of the loads being controlled. Fig: Swarm Energy Management employs swarm logic to allow equipments in buildings to communicate and coordinate to minimize the number and size of loads unnecessarily running concurrently, thereby reducing peak demand. Learning a map and locating the robot simultaneously.

Localization: Inferring the location given a map. Mapping: Inferring a map given the locations of robot. Swarm Planning: The development of a planning methodology to deal with climate adaptation.

Swarm planning is a theoretical and practical approach to deal with the uncertain future. Swarm planning theory is used in two pilot designs: Post-carbon world and Pre-adaptive landscape and is compared with regular planning process. The results are presented in the form of two new landscapes: the Zero-Fossil Region , where the design provides a spatial framework for a complete renewable energy supply, and the Net Carbon Capture Landscape , in which adaptation and mitigation strategies are designed to become carbon positive.

The comparison illuminates the potential advantages of swarm planning to tackle the climate change threats. Swarm Robotics: Swarm Robotics is the study of how large number of relatively simple physically embodied agents can be designed such that a desired collective behaviour emerges from the local interactions among agents and between the agents and the environment.

It has some special characteristics, which are found in swarms of insects, that is, decentralised control, lack of synchronisation, simple and quasi identical members. A Bayesian network could represent the probabilistic relationship between diseases and symptoms. Given symptoms, the network can be used to compute the probability of the presence of various diseases. Bayesian networks that model the sequence of variables e. It consists of two phases: Construct chains i.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Example: Given a node ordering X1,X2,. From Fireflies to Fault Tolerant Swarm: It is a decentralized system that detects non-operational robots in the swarm by engineering a flash light system on the robots. This flash light system is similar to some firefies species which can synchronize their flashing.

This robotic approach creates the ability for operational robots to flash in unison; failed robots can thus be detected as those that will not flash in synchrony with the rest of the robot team.

A typical audio interface converts analog signal into the digital audio information that your computer can process. Acoustic sensing is generally the sense of hearing. In SINS swarm system, every device will have a wireless connection, hence leading to trillions of connected devices and sensors known as the the sensory swarm.

The SINS performance and lifetime objectives are to achieve high-resolution acoustic activity detection and beyond 1-meter accurate acoustic localization, while achieving above 1-year lifetime on 1 button cell battery. This machine swarm is made up of flying eye-bots, gripping hand-bots, and wheeled foot-bots. The main scientific objective of this research project is the design, implementation and control of a novel distributed robotic system. A swarm of robotic bees RoboBees will be deployed on search and rescue missions, or used for military surveillance.

RoboBees could even pollinate crops and flowers, thus replicate the behavior of their biological cousins. PAM plans to drive a carrier spaceship and have it self-assemble and launch small exploration spacecrafts picocrafts that are to travel through and analyze asteroid belt. Each spacecraft includes a team leader ruler , one or more messengers, and a number of workers. The messengers are needed to connect the team members when they cannot connect directly, due to a long distance or a barrier.

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Once launched, spacecraft opportunistically self-organise into several sub-swarms and simultaneously analyse different asteroids over the several years belt traversal. Each sub-swarm can repeatedly search for, detect and navigate towards interesting asteroid targets; mesaure and create 3D models of analysed asteroids; send adequate asteroid models to an Earth center. Swarm Tile: Human interface tiles that are designed to understand their environment and react to various conditions.

The Cellular Intelligence system is a network constructed of modular and human interface tiles that are designed to understand their environment and react to various conditions. Each cell or module is composed of smart sensing technology and one or multiple LED actuators. Strategy: Each cell evaluates its surrounding environment through sensing technology or through network connections.

If a stimulus is present, the information is processed using an arduino microcontroller, which is an open-source electronics prototyping platform, and an appropriate response is sent back to the cell itself or to another cell in the system and actuation is carried out through LED lights. New approach for breast cancer therapy based on Nanoma concept: MRI based detection and tracking MRI based in-vivo propulsion and navigation Targeted drug delivery using functionalized nanovectors.

HiveOS Network Operating System: HiveOS enables Aerohive devices to organize into groups, or hives, which allows functionality like fast roaming, user-based access control and fully stateful firewall policies, as well as additional security and RF networking features - all without the need for a centralized or dedicated controller. Aerohive provides a pure cloud-enabled management solution for your wired and wireless network designed by Apple Education Experts. Nanorobots could propose solutions at the most of the nanomedicine problems.

Fig: Spectral Biclustering of Microarray Data: Coclustering Genes and Conditions Biclustering of Microarray Gene Expression Data: Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product often termed as protein. In Gene regulatory network, genes have been regarded as nodes in a network, with inputs being proteins such as transcription factors, and outputs being the level of gene expression.

Microarray is a 2D array on a solid substrate. Microarray gene expression data is a 2D array of gene expression data under some condition. Microarray gene expression data plays a vital role in biological processes, gene regulation and disease mechanisms.

E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design
E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design
E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design
E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design
E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design
E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design

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