Battle at the Alamo

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The role of Scots is overlooked despite the fact that, while San Antonio itself was clearly named by Spanish settlers, Houston, Dallas and Austin all have Scottish names, to say nothing about McAllen to the south. The Alamo is the most popular tourist attraction in Texas. Entrepreneur Stephen F. Austin, whose family were members of Clan Keith, was given the task of encouraging Americans to settle in the state when it was a sparsely populated northern province of Mexico.

The fact that most of the land grants he made were to fellow Scots should not come as a surprise, since people of Scottish descent outnumbered those of English descent two to one in the southern United States at the time of the first census in It has even been suggested that this Scottishness was a factor in the civil war. Independent-minded Scots had played a major role in the War of Independence, which King George referred to as a Presbyterian rebellion, and they had not thrown off one government in London to replace it with another in Washington DC.

A group of them made for San Antonio and began to strengthen the defences of the former Spanish mission known as the Alamo. When you think about it, the parallels are obvious. In each case the defenders were facing a much larger army coming across their southern border, led by an autocratic ruler with arguably a better legal claim to the land.

At crucial moments the song is invoked by the defenders. The shrine to remember those who died at The Alamo.

US History: The Battle of the Alamo for Kids

Travis, then, may have been privately aware of a different Scottish antetype for the battle, from that which he publicly embraced. But if Bannockburn and the Scottish Wars of Independence played such an important role in inspiring the Alamo defenders and those struggling for Texan independence, and if this source of inspiration is so little known and appreciated, what is being done to remedy the fact? It is a fitting tribute to the Scots and men of Scottish descent who died to create the Texas we know today. Read More. Lancelot Smither - A private who added a note to the William B.

Travis Victory of Death letter. Philip Dimmitt - Captain, he left the siege in an attempt to get reinforcements.

George C. Battle of the Alamo for kids The info about the Battle of the Alamo provides interesting facts and important information about this important event that occured during the presidency of the 7th President of the United States of America. The history of the Battle of the Alamo is told in a factual timeline sequence consisting of a series of interesting, short facts providing a simple method of relating the history of the Battle of the Alamo for kids, schools and homework projects.

Battle of the Alamo Facts and Timeline for kids.

THE ALAMO ,ending

Travis arrives at the garrison. Travis sends his first letters asking for assistance, the Texans were not expecting Santa Anna's forces until spring. Battle of the Alamo Timeline Fact February 22, Santa Anna demands surrender and states that no one will be spared if this is not done.

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The Texans refuse to surrender. Travis writes his Victory or Death Letter to the closest town at Gonzales. He vows "I shall never surrender or retreat.

Siege of the Alamo

Bonham arrives at the garrison and tells Travis that James Fannin and his troops were not coming. Battle of the Alamo Timeline Fact March 6, The final attack begins at dawn with hand-to-hand combat. Battle of the Alamo Facts and Timeline for kids Battle of the Alamo for kids - President Andrew Jackson Video The article on the Battle of the Alamo provides an overview of one of the Important events of his presidential term in office. The following Andrew Jackson video will give you additional important facts and dates about the political events experienced by the 7th American President whose presidency spanned from March 4, to March 4, Battle of the Alamo.

US American History.

Battle Of The Alamo Facts

Reverse of Texas State Seal. The Alamo. First Published Cookies Policy. Updated Publisher Siteseen Limited.

Battle at the Alamo Battle at the Alamo
Battle at the Alamo Battle at the Alamo
Battle at the Alamo Battle at the Alamo
Battle at the Alamo Battle at the Alamo
Battle at the Alamo Battle at the Alamo

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